4 Ways a Membership Site Can Make You More Money in 2019

Nathan Garcia
Oct 31, 2023

As we wind down 2018 you may have memories of the year that consist of many months of hard work and sleepless nights trying to get the best leads, yet despite your best efforts, you may only have a few in your sales funnel. Perhaps, it’s about time to try another method that can help you boost your sales in 2019.

Having a membership site is definitely the best option if you want your sales to double. While many people are attracted to the idea of having a “Netflix” like library for their content, they shy away from building it because of the perceived mountain of work involved. Before you give up hope or chart a path for your membership library, it is essential to understand what a membership site is. Primarily, a membership site is a video library intended for a specific audience such as lead, customer and/or an employee.

Everybody loves watching videos whether they want to be entertained or learn things. If you have a membership site, it allows you to keep your audience engaged with your website longer and increase the odds that they will be converted into sales over time.

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The Abstract of Membership Site

The main point of a membership site is you are giving your members of your target audience to know more about your product or services through videos. These videos may be tips, tutorial or a series of lessons before they can buy or access what you are providing.

4 Benefits of a Membership Site

1.) Save on Marketing Cost

Any marketing method is costly and to make sure that you can get the right leads, of course, you have to make it right most of the time. With a membership site, it does not just allow you to provide high-quality content that they are looking for but able to save on the marketing cost. With a membership site, it would be easier for you to have a better conversion rate, which is more profitable for your business.

2.) Improved Conversion Rate and Identify Leads

If you have a membership site, it will not just give you the liberty to increase your conversion rate but also identify hot leads from cold or warm leads. One good thing about having a membership site is you can be able to locate the leads who are likely there to just look for information more than the product you are offering for them to buy. Most likely they or they might purchase, but the best thing about this marketing method is you can spend more time nurturing leads that are high in quality.

A traditional strategy like getting a lead email through phone call just to get the email or the other way around seems to be a difficult task. With a membership site, it would be easier to reach out to a lead because they are already interested in your site.

3.) Minimize Training Time

Training for the employees is part of the cost of any company. Using membership site for employee onboarding lets you provide a membership library which includes basic information and resources that they can use for their training. Also, you can add several analytics tools to see if the employee is watching the training videos and materials. This method is not just to help you analyze your leads but also use it for your employee onboarding.

4.) Value for Your Customers

Everybody wants to have an edge for 2019 and having a membership site is an exemplary tool that will give your competitors a hard time. Customers will be able to get the information from your membership library that they may need whether it is interviews, news, tips & tricks and a lot more.


An effective promotion and marketing strategy is significant if you want to make sure that you can get leads that will buy or avail your product or services. In 2019, it is now about time to be open to new strategies that are proven to be effective in increasing sales.

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