First 100 Customers

In 30 days you'll have a new website, optimized marketing platform and videos to gather leads for Blue Blaze

Blue Blaze Foundation for Success

Using Proven Marketing Strategies you'll gain an asset for your business to foster the customer journey. This is a comprehensive strategy to gain attention, grow interest, create desire and allow prospects to become customers. The details of this digital approach are shared in this special training >>> 

Meet Your Marketer

Helping You Get Results You Can Trust. Rather than spending time trying to find the right agency and the effort to tell if they're full of it, why not work with someone who has a vested interest in seeing you succeed.

“My personal experience and qualified team make me the best person to help make digital marketing a pillar in your company”

Nathan Garcia Mavrik Digital

What You'll Receive

For your investment of $15,000 Mavrik Digital will build 3 custom website funnels, set up your ad accounts on Google and Facebook and record 4 videos, and integrate email campaigns in your Keap account before January 30th. This work will provide the foundation for lead generation that ideally continues in February and March. Per our discussion, I'll focus on generating traffic from ads that are most relevant to the growth of your company's goals. 

How Our Clients Describe Working Together...


I learned so much from working with Mavrik Digital. It was so refreshing to have a website that actually worked and someone who actually listened to me. 

Kerri Salls (Value Growth Results)


Nathan has a great ability to bring to life my vision for my company and my brand. He was always willing to make the changes I wanted to make sure I was representing my company properly.  

Jeff Johnson (Jeff Johnson Sales)


Nathan has the great ability to bring to life my vision for my company and my brand. He was always willing to make the changes I wanted to make sure I was representing my company properly.  

Sheila Konecke (Homevestors)

What Will This Project Do For You? 

Build the Foundation for Consistent Lead Generation

  • Marketing oriented websites for Survey, Webinar and Consult campaigns
  • Advertising campaigns on Facebook & Google for new leads
  • Videos that help leads and clients understand your value proposition and process
Grow Your Business in 30 Days

I guarantee that you'll be completely satisfied with our work. Allow me to complete the work outlined and if you're not happy just send me a message and I'll refund your money, no questions asked. You keep the website and all completed work. 

Resources, To Help You Succeed!

To ensure you're clear about the value you're receiving we'll provide a few bonus items...

Access to a personal Manager

Nathan will oversee all of the work being completed. If you have any questions or requests please let me know and I'll take care of it. 


Progress = weekly conference call

We can meet weekly to review progress, outline future tasks and receive feedback. This can be done at your convenience. 


Easy To Manage Results

You'll receive weekly progress reports from our client platform. You'll also get a weekly summary of all upcoming work. Finally, you can independently verify all work completed by logging into the tools themselves (Google, Youtube, etc). 

Start Today! Make Your Deposit to Begin

50% Deposit to Get Started and the Balance Due When You're Satisfied

2 Payments of $7,500

  • 3 Funnels
  • 2 Ad Accounts
  • 3 Email Campaigns
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee               

Secure Your Future: Grow Your Business Today!

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