ECommerce Marketing Management



With the E-Commerce Marketing Management course you can launch into 2024 ready to escape overwhelm and reach your goals.
For many of us, 2032 has been a grab bag of obstacles. With inflation, economic uncertainty, getting back to in person events and wars this year, the challenges of 2023 will be remembered.

Necessity is the mother of innovation thus driving solutions that allow us to act faster, have better control and measure outcomes that matter. Join now to learn the methods to selling online and how to handle when you’re overwhelmed.

See how simplicity takes priority.
You want an E-Commerce Marketing Program that is:
Flexible: Able to withstand the ups and downs in a given year and adjust to the situation
Systematic: A process that is easy to learn, adopt and track
Proven: Demonstrated to work in any environment with businesses at any stage
Supportive: By friends, colleagues and like minded peers

After years of research and testing , presenter Nathan Garcia has developed a Marketing Management System to achieve incredible results for himself and his clients.

With this E-Commerce Marketing Management Program you’ll get 4 in person classes featuring:
Week 1: Structuring your offer: How to write strong and compelling copy that makes readers take action
Week 2: Marketing Campaign Architecture: How to design an online or offline marketing campaign that creates measurable results
Week 3: Getting Attention with Advertising: How to set up advertising campaigns on platforms like YouTube and Instagram to grow your business
Week 4: Analytics & Reporting: How to measure, report and act on marketing data to improve your return on investment
If you’re frustrated with going alone and want an education that doesn’t lead to a pitch, then this class is for you. Using guided resources you’ll learn how to develop a strategy to grow your business online. Whether you’re currently spending thousands of dollars per month or you’re just getting started, this course will help you create a marketing plan that helps grow your business. If you’re a business owner, aspiring entrepreneur, marketing professional or interested in being a full stack marketer, this course is for you!

About your instructor: Nathan Garcia is the owner of the digital marketing agency, Mavrik Digital. For the past 5 years I’ve worked as a full stack marketer to help service based businesses advertise and sell online. In this class I’ll share with you the tools and tactics to get results. You’ll also learn to avoid the hiring mistakes and false starts that cost me tens of thousands of dollars.

Additionally, as a student, you will have access to resources and special offers from Mavrik Digital. This ensures that you’ll get more than an education to move your business forward; you’ll also have coaching hours to get direct feedback on your business and implementation of the concepts learned in class.